Kitchen Countertop Restoration

Dream Tub
A modern kitchen includes at least a stove with burners, a sink and the refrigerator and storage furniture, the three corners of the work triangle that must be respected in order to work comfortably in the kitchen. The countertop is the work surface in the kitchen, it is normally made of noble materials such as marble, wood or slate, nowadays synthetic materials of great resistance are also in fashion and that facilitate maintenance and cleaning in the kitchen.
Dream Tub
In addition, there is often a refrigerator, a microwave oven, an extractor hood and other household appliances, such as a blender and mixer that facilitate work in the kitchen. The size of the kitchens varies and depends on the size of the home. In small houses the kitchen-dining room is usually found to save space and in large houses it is customary to place the washing machine inside.

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