Tile repainting, grouting and finishing

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Do you need to change your bathroom? The tiles or walls are important in this, giving life in a small or large space. Repainting or re-enamelling are processes that will help you to renew your wall surfaces, leaving behind that worn and damaged appearance in a totally new condition. Many people believe that the only way is to buy new tiles, but no, you better save thousands of dollars by renovating your tiles with a refinishing or renovation process.
We can restore ceramic tiles, which is a widely used material, as it is sold with different finishes, designs and styles. It is made up of clays, fluxes, silica, coloring products and other materials. It is manufactured with or without a glazed finish. Examples of this last case are the thin Catalan tile and the thick Ariza tile with imperfect dimensions.
To waterproof it from possible stains, when it is placed on the floor, it requires a treatment, generally based on linseed oil and vinegar. With a vitrified finish, it is a waterproof and resistant material depending on the thickness. Unlike the ancient wall tiles of Roman buildings, spacious and artistically worked, the modern tile tends to be smaller tile and less elaborate.

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